Court Marking Tape Installation Pictures
Our court marking tape can be used on standard asphalt, cured cement, and aged painted court surfaces. The surface needs to be one that will accept an adhesive product. The smoother the surface the better, however, our foil tape is designed to conform to uneven surfaces. It designed to be semi-permanent but can be removed. Please also note that twisting tires on the tape can cause it to release. This should be a consideration especially when using the tape for parking spaces.

The surface must be clean and free of oils, dirt, gravel, flaking paint, etc.. Applying to unstable surfaces is not recommended. Also, application to freshly sealcoated or painted surfaces is not recommended.

Lastly, as with any adhesive product it is important that tape make contact with all of the surface that it is being applied to. The edges should be adhered so that no water can get underneath. Pressing the material in with a rubber tire normally accomplishes this. If the tape is not pressed in and a seal is not made then water will sit under the tape and force the tape off the surface.

1. Thoroughly sweep loose particles and dust from area where tape is to be applied. Compressed air is recommended for caked , dirty or flaky areas.

2. For better adhesion, an application primer or contact type cement can be used but is not required.

3. The temperature should be no less than 50 degrees before and after tape application. Allow at least 48 hours after rainfall for the sun to dry pavement. Also, it is best if it does not rain for 48 hours after installation. Always allow sun to dry morning dew. Application is not recommended during overcast, moist and humid atmospheric conditions.

4. To apply tape mark guidelines where tape is to be applied. Roll tape out along the guidelines manually or using a tape applicator. Butt splice only. Do not overlap seams. Score tape every 30-40 feet to allow for expansion.

5. Apply a minimum of 200 lbs of pressure with a roller or use a car tire. Be careful not to twist the tape. I prefer to press the tape in, wait 24 hours, and then press in one more time. If you do not press the tape in to where it is completely conformed and sealed to the surface the application will fail. Pressing the tape in multiple times is often necessary.

6. Area is now ready for traffic. Tape adhesive will cure in 48 hours and it is best if it does not rain during this time.

Store unused tape in a cool, dry place. Tape should be used within a year of purchase.

On rough or questionable surfaces you can apply DAP Weldwood Contact Cement as a primer, let it dry, and then apply the pavement tape. This will level out the surface a little and will provide more adhesion. (do not use the water based contact cement)

NOTE - The actual performance of our standard and heavy duty traffic tapes will be dependent upon surface and atmospheric conditions at the time of the application, application method, traffic, and exposure conditions. The user should test for conformance to his requirements before making large scale applications. Abrasion or heavy wear may substantially reduce the life of the product.

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